Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lucy wins the round

I thought everything would be okay for Lucy’s party.

Due to our other commitments, April and I weren’t going to dinner with Lucy and the other girls. April called me (I was somewhat shocked) and we decided we would meet at Our Favorite Bar around 9:45 pm, shortly before we assumed that the rest of the crowd would appear.

As it happens when you’re a girl and you’ve just played soccer and you have to shower and pick out clothes and make up your pretty little face, 9:45 turned to 10:00 pm. And then 10:15 pm. April and I were both running late, calling one another with updates on lateness. I had to stop at the bank; April needed to pick up a card. We got to Our Favorite Bar within minutes of each other – and within minutes of Lucy, Alexa, Colleen and a slew of others.

We were friendly and fine. To me, it did not feel awkward.

Apparently that was not mutual.

We sat at a long table. Lucy was at one end. Chet and April were closer to the middle. Alexa, Colleen and I were crowded at the other end (not, I should point out, to be cliquish, but because they were the only chairs left when we finished hauling in cake and presents).

It was a good turnout. Lots of Lucy’s friends. Her brother and his fiancée. The Girls. And even April.

We drank a bit and laughed a bit and acted silly, silly, silly. April and I picked out songs on the jukebox. And, finally, Lucy opened her presents.

First, a present from me. A knitting book I bought a long time ago because I just knew she’d get a kick out of.

Second, a gift from Alexa, Colleen and me. The present that April was to be a part of prior to her temper tantrum. Riding lessons. Lucy was a big equestrian in her younger years; college and traveling and life got in the way. She sold her horse and grew up. And now? Lucy rides again.

She was totally geeked.

At our urging, April gave Lucy her present next. The collage frame that was supposed to be from all of us. Filled with pictures of The Girls acting like, well, girls. I hate to admit, but it turned out really cute. Lucy liked it.

When we were through with presents, we continued with our goofing around.

It was not long before Lucy was putting on one of her “look at me, look at me! I am so funny!” acts and we were all fawning over her. Lucy looked over at April, who was engrossed in sending a text message to her creepy, asshole, “married” boyfriend (I’ll tell you that story later). And Lucy couldn’t help but blurt out something along the lines of “you’re not text messaging at my birthday, are you? Are we not good enough for you?”

Shortly thereafter, I glance over at Colleen. She is wearing a horrified expression.

April, she sputtered out, just left. She put $20 on the table, she picked up her purse and she left.

We stared at April’s empty seat in disbelief.

Alexa broke her stare long enough to sprint to the bathrooms and then to the parking lot. April was gone.

We didn’t tell Lucy immediately.

Not that it took her long to find out.

When she did, it didn’t take long for her to spin into a rage. Lucy knew about the drama – I’d confessed to her on Thursday. She was already teetering at being pissed at April and her attitude towards me (and her birthday) pissed Lucy right off.

Lucy took her cell phone and went out to the Our Favorite Bar's deck. She was gone for 20 minutes.

When she came back, she dropped her phone onto the table, fell into her chair. Sheepishly, she admitted, “we might not be friends anymore.”


Paul Michael Peters said...

It was supposed to be "I Love Lucy" not "The April Show" that night. High drama... It sounds like April has some growing up to do.

BTW: I like the "A" Show, if you are writing song lyrics or figuring out the family in your psychic.

Kate said...

Hey Aly,

Sounds like Lucy knows how to settle the score, and like she had a great party regardless. Sounds like the riding lessons were a hit.

Did I miss the update on the soccer party, the get together, or am I totally blind? I am a little out of it.

And, what's up with Colin?


Mrs. Architect said...

One of the things I have learned in "becoming an adult" is that life is too short and you shouldn't have to put up with shite like that. People like that just drain you and make you not happy and not have fun... and life is too short for that. There have been a few people that i have literally cut out of my life because they were always drama and starting crap like that. And you know...I don't miss them. If they want to grow up and get over themselves, I will be happy to be friends with them, but until then. No thanks. I have plenty of other friends that dont drain me and stress me out. It has been very free-ing, actually.

Amy said...

Good for all of you, especially Lucy. April needs to get over herself. She came with an attitude and it was put into check by the one person who mattered that night: Lucy.

Oh, and every thing K asked about? ditto.

A said...

Lucy can be assertive when she needs to be. I admire that quality in her.

Soccer reunion was last night. I'll have to tell ya'll about it sometime today.

I suppose I could take on the Colin subject sometime, too. I haven't been seeing much of him lately. Makes writing about him kinda tough.

Thanks for the comments, kiddies. They ALWAYS make me smile.

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