Monday, June 25, 2007

It definitely felt like a Monday

Today was annoying. Not bad. Just annoying.

Having to go in to work an hour early isn't bad. It's just annoying. The early, unwanted wakeup call set the tone for the rest of my day.

I was quiet at work. Not feeling particularly unfriendly, just generally disinterested in starting conversation. I was mildly irritated by what I'd chosen to pack for lunch. It wasn't enough. It wasn't what I was in the mood for. I ate it anyway.

A woman living in the area was just murdered by a contractor who was in her house to give her an estimate on some work she was having done. He killed her for her jewelry, I guess. She went to my gym. I would notice that jewelry - the large, flashy pieces that would spark her murder - in kickboxing class. It is unsettling.

In a rare attempt to be a good patient, I was conscious to ice my (possibly) broken toe at regular intervals throughout the day. I would slip off my shoe, peel off my sock and, invariably, a customer would need my help. Despite the strong desire to scowl, I refrained.

I left my TV on while I was at work. Very unusual for me. Because this oversight happened today, it irritated me.

Today's job search was not fruitful. Nothing even remotely close to a match.

We couldn't get a poolside cabana rental for our first day in Vegas. I get these ideas and I make these plans and, unfortunately, the cabana was a part of that plan. While I know that the cabana is not crucial to a successful pool day, I'm a little bummed out. I don't like wrinkles in my plans.

My gym held a blood drive today. It was the perfect time for me to donate: my evening was wide open, I'm feeling great (other than my bum toe) and I don't have any major soccer games this weekend to worry about feeling drained for. And the American F'ing Red Cross rejected me. My iron is at 32%; the lowest they accept is 38%. I shouldn't be shocked - I'm hardly eating any meat these days - but I've never been rejected before! I am a model blood donor, too. I don't get queasy or lightheaded. I'm not weird about the needles. And I fill the bag in a hot flash.

Of course, you don't find out that you're a reject until after you've sat for a good 25 minutes. Precious time that I will never get back! Time that I would've spent bettering the world in other ways. Or reading Cosmo.

And I forgot to watch my favorite TV train wreck, Engaged and Underage on MTV!

So, as you all can tell, my world is like totally crashing down around me.


Amy said...

days like this are so unsettling, aren't they? I can completely relate. But in the big picture, all these things are truly minor, and tomorrow, things will seem brighter and better.

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