Monday, June 04, 2007


My high school soccer coach's surprise reunion is in eight days.

I'm sort of obsessing about it.

I think I would feel better about it if I knew what I was going to wear. And if I had a new job. (Although we all know I’m not holding my breath for that one.) I need a dress. A pretty sundress that isn’t too formal. A really flattering, not-too-formal sundress that immediately transforms me into a confident, beautiful, charming, smart, worldly, funny, poised young woman. Who has a job she loves.

So, basically, I’m in the market for a magic dress.

I’m not sure if Macy’s has any magic dresses in stock, but I’m going to look. I need to get a dress – and a pair of shoes – ASAP. Because I need to stop thinking about which of my classmates will be there: who is married, who still lives at home, who is a mom, who works in a bar, who got fat and who is still a bitch. And I really, really need to stop thinking about how they will see me.

I was the golden girl of that team.

Admittedly, I have lost some of my shine.

If I've noticed, surely everyone else will.

Unless I have the perfect dress. A magic dress.

Infused with radiant confidence.


Mrs. Architect said...

I dunno...i can't imagine you shining brighter than you do now. You are quite the superstar!!!

But yes, a magic dress always does the trick. Especially when paired with magic shoes!

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