Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For the record

All I plan on doing this summer - besides playing a lot of soccer and going to Vegas - is laying/reading/sleeping/eating/knitting/chatting in the sunshine at Mom and Dad's house.

Expect a lot of weekend roundups that sound something like this: "Hi. I played soccer. And then I put on my swimsuit and sat in the sun. It was nice."

For visualization purposes, let me set the scene:

This is approximately half of the deck. The other half is more often in the shade, so this tends to be where I park myself in the sun. The patio furniture is great for lazy weekend mornings, eating breakfast and reading the newspaper, as well as for doing homework (back when I actually had homework to do).

Complete with UM flag, this is the view from the other half of the deck.

View of the lake from the beach.

Another view of the lake from the beach.

The rickety old dock (we got Dad a new one for Father's Day!), the rafts and the paddle boat.

Fancy it is not, but as far as I'm concerned, we're pretty lucky.


Amy said...

I'm moving in. See how easy that was!?

Lauren said...

These pictures (especially the UM flag) make me miss home. Midwest is Best, and Michiganders really know how to make even the most hectic time of year into a relaxing time of sun and fun. What could be better!

Stace said...

Ok I can't see the pictures, but just reading it made me jealous

Unknown said...

OMG that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! You are very, very lucky! :)

Anonymous said...

i take all the nasty things ive ever said about michigan back. your view is WAY better than my suck ass ohio view. is that one of the GREAT lakes?

A said...

No, not one of the great lakes. The region that I live in is ripe with dozens and dozens of smaller, quieter, lovely lakes.

Amy: my parents would love to have you and LM!

Everyone else: lets have a blogger lake bash!

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