Friday, June 01, 2007


I'm not really sure how that interview went, exactly.

It was painfully long. Four hours. Four hours! And I met with some really important people. The COO? Me? What?

I didn't do as well on the writing test as I know I am capable of. I panicked. I rushed. (Well, I had to rush. I only had an hour.)

In my favor: they're only interviewing one other candidate. I hope he/she totally sucks.

More later. I'm off to see Knocked Up with my sister.


Anonymous said...

DAMN, four hours? That requires a follow up drink, have a great weekend, even if Detroit sucks it up and loses to Lebron and the rest of my team.

recommend a good lawyer said...

Knocked UP was so great! What were your thoughts? I lughed so hard I missed most of the jokes and can't wait for DVD to hear them all.

As for the job, you are going to get there, it just takes time.


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