Friday, May 25, 2007

Realigning my thoughts

I won't be so bitter tomorrow.

(Well, technically, it is today.)

I won't be so bitter because I got a call for an on-site interview.


I had a phone interview for the position over a month ago. The interviewer said that call backs would occur within the week. I took the hint and added the job to my failure list.

Two theories on why I got the call now:
1. The biggish upheaval within the company (significant enough to make the front page of the Detroit papers) stirred up an unexpected workload that stunted the interview process.
2. They hit the bottom of the barrel and - ta da! - there was my résumé.

I don't even care what the reason was.

I'm just happy to have the chance to show 'em my stuff.


Amy said...


I am soo excited for you!!!

Mrs. Architect said...

crossing my fingers....

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