Thursday, May 17, 2007

The pitch vs. the world

I was asked to join another soccer team for the summer.

I think I'll do it.

This team plays on Saturdays – I'm already on a Friday coed team and a Sunday women's team – so agreeing to join the team would essentially mean that I am forfeiting my entire weekend to the soccer gods.

Would that be all bad?

I'm torn.

I'm not sure that I know my limits. I'm afraid that I am overestimating myself. I don't want to get in over my head; I would hate to miss this opportunity.

How full do I have to stuff my life before I start saying no? How exhausted should I be? Should my back hurt so badly that I cannot bend over to tie my shoes?

Do I ride this single life into the ground?

Maybe that is the only way to do it. Maybe I'm just doing it differently – forgoing the clubs and the alcohol and the idle flirtation for sports and sweat and competition. I won't always be able to dedicate my nonworking life to my athletic pursuits, just as my socializing counterparts will eventually settle down, give up on the bar scene.

Or perhaps the reason I am so compelled to be so busy with all of my sports is because it is an escape. On the soccer field, I am better than most everyone else.

I cannot say the same for real life.


Anonymous said...

that is a lot of soccer for one stick with 2 teams, you need a day of rest & shopping in there somewhere!!!

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