Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lighthearted preparations

This interview tastes different than the others. I have more raw enthusiasm for the job. The excitement isn’t rooted in the company (as it was with Google) or the prospect of moving to NYC (as it was with the textbook publisher) or the business’s niche (as it was with the sports book publisher). Primarily I am excited about the job I want to be hired for. Then I’m excited for the company, the location and the company’s niche.

I’m doing a decent job of preparing. Research on the organization has been steady and painless; I have been slowly plugging away at formulating questions to ask at the interview as well as the thoughtful, precise and charming answers I will give to the questions I am asked.

What is my greatest weakness? Ha. I laugh in the face of such a simplistic question.

I am starting to believe that, despite my history of botched job interviews, maybe this is The One. Maybe I have finally put in the time and the suffering that the new job gods require of me.

Say a few prayers, cross your fingers, light a candle and wear your pajamas inside out for me, okay?


Anonymous said...

Good luck, A! I'm sure you'll be great. And...what is the answer to what is your greatest weakness? I always suck at interviews.

Amy said...

consider my rally cap on!! (I have one offer, but not the one I wanted...oh how I hate waiting!!)

Good luck to you, prayers are sent heavenward on your behalf. Be confident, be witty, show off that intelligence and knock 'em dead!!

Mrs. Architect said...

I will do all of the above!!!!

Bill Robertson said...

Prayers and best wishes. Knock 'em dead!

Bike Drool said...

The mid-west is not so bad.

Heck, I live in Missouri.

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