Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm a little fired up this morning

Every night this week, as I’m falling asleep, I’ve found myself obsessing over the messy state of my family. I should be sleeping and, instead, I’m looking for a way to fix what I cannot. Because, essentially, it isn’t my fight. It is a fight that was planted long before I was born. It doesn’t have anything to do with me.

Except that it does. It has EVERYTHING to do with me. It has everything to do with me because it has hurt my mom and my grandma, because it is fragmenting my family and keeping me awake at night.

I can’t afford to be kept awake at night. I quit coffee.

This morning, I’m pissed because I can’t have any coffee and I’m pissed because family drama keeps me up at night.

Do you know what my Grandma the Troll is doing this weekend?

She’s going to Chicago to deliver Mara her wedding dress.

This is my grandmother who, Aunt Louise wailed, is an embarrassment and has done nothing for her children!

Nothing includes: going to Chicago every Thanksgiving since they were born, mailing them baked goods on holidays including (but not limited to) Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and St. Patrick’s day, housing Mara for two consecutive summers while she interned in Detroit, taking Evan on countless boat trips, bringing Mara to Disney World, and TRAVELING TO CHICAGO SOLY TO PET SIT WHILE THEIR FAMILY WAS IN SPAIN.

Because, apparently, there are no dog kennels in Chicagoland good enough for their precious canine.

Before this whole hullabaloo started, the Chicago set decided that it would be wise to get Mara’s $8K wedding dress mailed to my grandmother’s house to save on the sales tax. When you have such a tiny budget for the wedding dress of your dreams, you look to save anywhere you can. Even if it means taking advantage of your grandmother – who has “never done anything” for you yet will drop everything to drive the dress of your dreams to Chicago despite the fact that gas is $3.50/gallon and YOUR MOTHER SHREDDED HER HEART LESS THAN A MONTH AGO.

Fuck them. Seriously.


Courtney said...

!!! Wow !!!
Deep soothing breaths.
Deeeeeeep Sooooooothing Breeeeeeaaaaths.

Do they help?

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