Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to accumulate frequent flyer miles

I want to see the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
I will visit my cousin Danielle in Los Angeles.
One winter, I’ll take advantage of the free lodging at Aunt Lynne’s second home in Florida.
I will cross the Ambassador Bridge and leave the country just for dinner.
I dream of seeing all of the figure skating events at a Winter Olympics.
I will splurge at the annual Vera Bradley outlet sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
A creepy man will make a pass at me in a foreign country.
I’ll compete at the ISU adult figure skating competition in Oberstdorf, Germany.
I want to see Racine, Wisconsin through adult eyes.
Meg and I will explore New York City together.
I might go on a honeymoon with the man I marry, but I won’t be upset if we don’t.
I will take a business trip to someplace other than Michigan’s upper peninsula.
I will accompany Colin to an out-of-state tournament that he is refereeing, just for the chance to be with him.
I’ll choose a cruise ship just because it has an ice rink onboard.
I will leave my comfort zone.
Lucy and I will relive our glory days on a concert road trip.
I’ll rent a house and take a weeklong vacation on Mackinac Island.
I will go somewhere romantic with someone I am madly in love with.
I pray for the opportunity to see Norway with my mother, my sister and my grandma.
I will go to St. Petersburg, Russia.
I’ll be in Chicago sometime in the next year, but not necessarily for Mara’s wedding.
I need to renew my passport.


Anonymous said...

*girl from florida*

Don't forget your future visit to Key West!! :)

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