Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Every weekend should be Memorial Day weekend

Ugh. Being at work today is absolutely killing me. It is sunny and I have no coffee in my system and it sucks. The only way I’m going to make it through the day is if I relive my lovely weekend.

Friday: I skated in the morning. I came home, took a shower, ate some toast with peanut butter and shimmied off with Mom and Meg. We had a Detroit Day, going to Mexican Village for lunch before heading off to the Detroit Science Center to see Our Body: The Universe Within. Our Body is one of those exhibits that features real human specimens. And it was fascinating. Even to this English and communication studies major.

My nursing professor mother and my neuroscience major sister were giddy. Veins and capillaries and all of the parts of the circulatory system intrigue Meg; my mother claims to love the bowel.

When we were through, we went to Costco and loaded up on all sorts of goodies: spinach salad and calzones, fresh and dried mangos, granola, tomatoes, and other deliciousness.

Saturday: I began my day with a bowl of Cheerios and without coffee. I felt sad. Then, I went to the gym with Mom, Meg, and a mother/daughter duo that happens to be made up of one of mom’s best friends and one of Meg’s best friends.

I had to work on Saturday afternoon. That, my friends, was pure torture. I left the gym, picked up a bagel at Panera, stopped by my apartment for a shower, and then suffered away five hours of my life. Not cool. But I survived.

That night, Meg and I saw The Ex with Zach Braff. It’s no Garden State. It’s not even The Last Kiss. But it was entertaining.

Sunday: I skated in the morning, returning home a few hours after I left with only one of my skates. The other is with my coach, getting a few repairs. I feel as though a limb has been severed.

Immediately upon returning, I started on a birthday cake for my uncle. I decided on Martha Stewart’s yellow cake with lemon filling after ogling over it at Everybody Likes Sandwiches for a few weeks now.

The cake and the lemon curd were lovely. The frosting? Eh. I didn’t let it cook long enough. It didn’t thicken. And, in an attempt to make it usable, my aunt and I whipped it into some sort of a strange chocolate whipped cream. It wasn’t pretty, but it was tasty.

Anna, Emma and their parents came over to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. Grandma and Grandpa were late invitees; they had just gotten home from Chicago when I called. We all just hung out and had lamb shish kebob (also a Martha Stewart recipe) and enjoyed the weather that finally cleared up after raining on and off from Friday until Sunday afternoon.

We ate our cake, we watched our Pistons lose to Beebop’s Cavaliers and Mom and Anna studied more for her NCLEX exam. And there was this fleeting second when tears pooled in my eyes. People don’t do this anymore. There aren’t families like this, who get together just to get together. We’re incredibly dysfunctional and we are still lucky.

Monday: I took a yoga class in the morning. It is always strange taking a yoga class with a new instructor, but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. Minutes within getting home, I was pulling on my new Victoria’s Secret bikini (so cute!) and lathering myself with sunscreen. I spent the afternoon on the deck, reading and sunning and generally recharging. It was wonderful.

Mom and Dad had a wedding to go to and Meg went back to school in the early afternoon, so I had the house and the deck and the dog and everything else to myself. It is nice to be alone every once and a while.

I finally packed it up and went home around 8:00 pm. I did a bit of laundry, cleaned up my pigsty, talked to Colin on the phone (the first time since Thursday. I hate his job.) and went the hell to bed.

It’s too bad the weekend couldn’t have been a little longer. Four days, maybe. Or five. Or seventeen.


Plantation said...

My Memorial Day weekend:

Saturday: worked
Sunday: worked
Monday: worked

You were saying??

kickpleat said...

so glad you tried the cake! i loved the frosting but it did take a day to set up in the fridge. mmmm, cake!

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