Thursday, May 03, 2007

Can you feel the excitement?

This weekend is my cousin Mara’s wedding shower. I am harboring nothing but bitter resentment for what I can’t stop from thinking of as a wasted weekend.

Drive to Chicago in the company of Mom, Meg, Grandma, Emma, Anna, Aunt Marie
and Aunt Annette.
Do the whole girlie shower, oh-I-just-love-your-china-pattern thing.
See the palacial condo that Mara will be living in with her wealthy husband-to-be.
Spend awkward time with Aunt Louise, Uncle Ed.
Hopefully not see my asshole cousin, Evan.
Drive back to Detroit in the company of Mom, Meg, Grandma, Emma, Anna, Aunt Marie and Aunt Annette.
Talk Mom, Meg, Grandma, Emma, Anna, Aunt Marie and Aunt Annette into stopping at the outlets in Michigan City, Indiana for a very short spell.

There is one positive: I do get to wear the pretty brown and teal dress I got for Christmas.

There isn’t room at Aunt Louise’s house for all eight of us; Meg, my cousins and I are staying at a hotel. The others? Definitely taking one for the team. I’m not sure how much harassment about my (lack of) detailed plans for my life, career and legacy that I could endure.

I just hope that the weekend doesn't end up like Christmas. I don't want the drama. I don't want the ugly. I don't want to leave my mom cleaning up the mess, again, of a family for which she feels equal love and hate.

I expect to have fun. I expect to have a handful of hilarious stories about my family. And, unfortunately, I expect the drama and the ugly.

I pray for it to be in small doses.


Kate said...

OMG Aly. At least you have an AWESOME dress, right? And you know what? If you're under 30 and not married, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. 30 is totally the new 25, right?

It isn't like you don't have a boyfriend or anything. It is a blessing you're in a hotel. You'll have a good time with your sister.

Outlet shopping all around!

Thanks for the great comment, btw.


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