Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back in Michigan

We're home.

The shower was lovely. The drive to Chicago was fun. I enjoyed a mocha from Starbucks each morning.

And that was the extent of the good.

What was strained all weekend broke this morning. When my sister, cousins and I got to my aunt and uncle's house for breakfast, we found Aunt Marie sobbing on the porch.

Grandma was crying just inside the door.

My mother's face was tearstained.

And, maybe I was imagining it, but it seemed that Aunt Louise had a bit of froth at the corners of her mouth. So busy verbally attacking her sisters and her mother, she must not have noticed it.

There were a lot of tears on the drive home.

And a lot of tears in the driveway once we reached home.

And more, of course, while Mom recounted the story to Dad.

I feel sick. And very betrayed. I loved that family. I probably still do.

There is a lot of hate in me tonight.


Laurie said...

Sorry dear. (hugs)

Amy said...

I wanted to leave hugs earlier, but the comment thing thought I was spam and wouldn't allow me. As if hugs could possibly be spam!! (Although, just saying that, I am certain someone, somewhere will find a way to make them so)

Anyway, I'm sorry for all the pain you have over family drama.

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