Friday, April 27, 2007

Why I should look at my calendar more

I get up at 6:15 on Friday mornings, a half-hour earlier than I do on mornings when I'm going into work. Friday mornings are for skating.

I was up a little too late last night. Watching Grey's Anatomy, the Red Wings playoff game, packing up clothes and makeup and a few shirts I need to return to my sister and putzing around my apartment pretending that I didn't have an early wakeup call.

When my alarm clock went off this morning, I was tempted to turn it off, roll over and sleep until I felt rested. The night felt short. My body was still tired.

It took forever to get ready.

I nearly spilled hot tea on myself as I locked my front door.

The drive to the rink isn't short. I woke up eventually.

And got to the rink.

To learn that - per our freestyle session contract - there wasn't skating today.

I didn't want to get up this morning. And I got up. TO SKATE ON SESSIONS THAT DID NOT EXIST.

I am so bitter.

I think I'll take a yoga class instead.


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