Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For a few years now, Meg has been saying that she wants to go to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday. Meg is a child of very, very strong self-esteem: she simply could not imagine why anyone in her life would rather do anything but celebrate the birth of her.

Meg's birthday is in July.

And, for a while, it looked like Vegas wouldn't work out. Our cousin Anna, who we're both very close with, is spending the summer after her college graduation in Europe. Meg's roommate/teammate is studying overseas. Her best friend from childhood isn't 21 yet and neither is our cousin, Paul.

Meg was bummin', but she was realistic. If her 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas wouldn't live up to her wild dreams, she would rather not go. We discussed celebrating her birthday in Los Angeles instead, staying with our cousin Danielle and seeing David Beckham play a game with the Galaxy.

She was okay with that. And I - believing that the sooner I meet David Beckham, the sooner we're getting married and reproducing - was okay with that.

But, this week, the Vegas trip cracked wide open.

Cousin Liz and her husband are in. Cousin Danielle is in. Their parents are in. Our parents are in. I'm in.

Meg is, of course, SO in.

And then there's all of the possibilities: our neighbor/Dad's best friend and his wife, Meg's other roommate/teammate, Meg's best friend from high school, random other family members and pretty much anyone we've ever met.

We have very suddenly entered the planning stage. And I seem to be heading that project.

I've never been to Vegas.

There's only one thing I want to do when I'm there; I will see Ice: Direct from Russia or I will throw a fit akin to the temper tantrum I threw at Disney World when I was four.

Other than that, this trip is a blank slate.

We need places to go. Specifically, we need someplace we can celebrate Meg's 21st in the VIP style she demands.

We need things to do. I trust ya'll to give me the crème de la crème.

We need restaurants to dine at. Because my biggest priority is always food.

We need somewhere to stay. Hotel/casino or vacation rental?

Therefore, we need you and your fantastic suggestions. Hit me up, kids. Make this easy for me. Make the most important decision of this trip whether I should get Ice: Direct from Russia tickets for the topless show (amusing, yet floppy?) or the family show.


Kate said...

Hi, Darling.

Whenever I go to Vegas, I stay at Mandalay Bay. They have a fabulous pool area (possibly the best in Vegas) with a lazy river and a wave pool and swim up bars and such.

They have two parts to the hotel, THE Hotel (very NYC) and the regular part (very beachy). I love the arrival to the main hotel, they have an aquarium-like entrance. But I love the idea of having a tropical-ish vacation, since Vegas is you know, in the DESERT. Mandalay is like a cool oasis to me I guess. For me I have to stay at a nice hotel (that is the 65% of a good vacation to me) and enjoy the hotel itself.

When you're there, there are a lot of fantastic places to eat. I like Rumjungle in Mandalay Bay, Samba in the Mirage, and of course, the Bellagio's buffet (it is expensive but worth it!).

If you want to see the Chippendales, the "Thunder from Down Under" is fun. And funny to say. "O" at the Bellagio is really beautiful if you like Cirque de Soleil.

Have a good time. There are a million good Vegas books rating things--maybe try Lonely Planet books or something else. Vegas is a blast. Can't go wrong. Pack swimsuits--it will be scorching in July.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh I have NO CLUE. All I wanted to say was that it stresses me out just thinking of all the planning you have to do!! Have fun :)

Anonymous said...

as for fabulous food...we LOVED (but were also very drunk 99% of the time) a restaurant in NY/NY...downstairs, delicious italian restaurant called Il Fornaio. also noodles in bellagio was good eats.

Amy said...

I am no help at all. I have never been and hope never to actually have to go.

I am sure you will make it a birthday to remember!!

Shelley said...

Buffets are expensive but well worth it. Beligio has a swanky one that is delicious. The one had the Rio has soooo much variety and is very good. For brunch, the Mandalay Bay has a very tasty and lovely one.

It sounds like you girls love shopping so the Fashion Show Mall is a must. Plus there are other places like in Caesar's Palace or The Aladdin.

I'm not up on the club scene because I haven't been there since I've turned 21 (spring break plans unfortunately fell through). I hear most of the shows are amazing... whichever one you go to. I wanted to go see Love which is a Cirque du Soliel show set to all Beatles songs... not sure if it's still playing.

If you have the money and want the swankiness, there are clubs in the Wynn hotel and Beligio that have cover charges that will make your jaw drop.

Beligio is definitely worth seeing even if you don't stay there - the front lobby is gorgeous and then there's the conservatory.

Good luck with planning!

Paul Michael Peters said...

I have spent a life time there and can answer any questions that come up.

The previous posts have it pretty straight. Bellagio is the best in my mind, Caesar's Palace (ask to stay in the new tower not the old one) is right in the center of everything.

Be ready to walk! It is an easy two miles from your room to the front door. Set limits, don't go over them, it is easy to break your bank.

I'm sure you will have a great time.


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