Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sweetness and light

Last night, a random Wednesday, I came home from yoga class. A yoga class that I went to straight to work. And I looked at the box of strawberries in my refrigerator. Dug the milk chocolate Easter bunny out of my pantry.

Whipped up heavenly chocolate-covered strawberries.

Just. Because.

How am I not married? How can I be:
a. a blonde
b. capable of such delicacies
and not have men attempting to sweep me off of my feet at every turn.

I don't get it.

I needed to come of age in the 1950s.


Amy said...

and I? I love sports, LOVE them, love being casual and doing nothing all weekend. I love dogs, trucks and even own a PS2. Yep, I'm still single. We are NOT doing something right, girl!

P.S. I can be homemaker-ish, too, I can my own applesauce and jam every year. That's gotta stand for something.

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