Monday, April 23, 2007

Sorry. I'm writing about the job search again.

I had a phone interview today. I have convinced myself that this job is perfect. Whether or not this job is actually perfect is yet to be seen, of course. I just hope that I have a chance to fairly judge it. And by that, I mean that I am praying and wishing and cashing in all of my good karma. I really want this job.

It isn't the first job that I've really wanted and haven't landed. So I err on the side of pessimism. I think that I performed admirably in the interview and, still, I will not get invited to a second interview.

(I already tried that positive thinking crap. Where did that get me? Curled into the fetal position on my living room floor, sobbing to my mom over the telephone.)

Since I simply cannot contribute my own, your positive thoughts would be appreciated.

I should find out by Monday.

Oh, and you wise folks: thank you note/email for a 20 minute phone interview? What about if the interviewer didn't provide you with contact information but a Google search did?


Amy said...

I would err on the side of a thank you. How can that be a bad thing? And a google search proves that you're doing your homework on the company, THAT is a good thing.

You have all my positive thoughts!

A said...

I sent the thank you. I'm glad I did. At least I won't have a "what if" hanging over my head if the phone interview doesn't materialize into a on-site interview.

I must say, it was a hell of a thank you note, too. Take that, Interviewer!

Thanks for the advice, Amy. You're like the little angel on my shoulder.

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