Sunday, April 29, 2007

My kind of Sunday

I'm sad that the weekend is over.

I could repeat today 100 times and continue to enjoy it.

-Getting up in the morning to skate.
-Stopping for a mocha.
-Chatting on the phone with Lucy.
-Returning to Mom and Dad's house to lunch baking in the oven, cupcakes on the counter and iced tea chilling in the refrigerator.
-Stripping off my tights and long sleeves in favor of soccer shorts, a tank top and a healthy slathering of sunscreen.
-Retreating to the deck with my sunglasses and a book.
-Spending the afternoon in the silent company of my mom (also engrossed in a book) and my dog (soaking up the sunshine).
-Moving only to refill my drink or to better angle myself in the sunshine.
-Getting some sun, but not a sunburn.
-Painting my nails my signature color.
-Doing just enough housework so that I won't go to bed feeling like a total lazy ass.
-Feeling incredibly content.


Anonymous said...

and those are teh best weekends of all! sounds wonderful!

Amy said...

sounds like a perfect, perfect day.

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