Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love letters

Dear Dinner of Sushi and Cheesecake,
I like you. You really should come around more often.

Dear Kevin's Replacement,
Do you know why I don't want to talk about the house you're buying with your girlfriend? Because I cannot stand the irony. You tell me about your new house; Kevin confesses that he's afraid that, if he doesn't get a job in the next month, he'll lose his.

Dear Life,
I know exactly how I want you to be. Do me a favor and fall into line with my dreams, please.

Dear Bills,
I know, I know. You're just so boring!

Dear Laundry,

Dear Mother Nature,
No more snow. PLEASE!

Dear Fingernails,
I wish you could paint yourself.

Dear Colin,
Today, I considered making a list of all of the reasons why I should just get over you.

Dear Gomez,
Do you have any idea how addicting How We Operate is? It's currently my favorite album.

Dear Chicago,
Very excited to visit this weekend. It's been too long.

Dear Readers,
Have I told you lately how much I love and appreciate your readership? I'm not going to lie: it's pretty much the highlight of my life.

Dear Bed,
Don't weep; I'm on my way.


Shelley said...

I second that letter to Mother Nature. Can it be spring yet in the Midwest? Sheesh.

Laurie said...

Awwwww. I love my readers too. I can't imagine life without them now.

Anonymous said...

You know...laundry doesnt have to be so boring. They have smells! Variety! Deliciousness! You too can make your laundry smell as if it were hanging to dry on the islands of hawaii! And oxy-clean, man, what did I do my whites with before this invention?


1st time here....saw alcohol and insecurites on one of your posts and knew I would be back!

Amy said...

Off to Chicago...did I miss something? An interview? What? I swear I'm here everyday but somehow I do not know why you are off to Chicago!!!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow resident of the midwest (specifically south-central wisconsin), I second the notion for mother nature to quit it already. And suggest that we start a petition to make her realize how serious we are about this matter.

A said...

Kelly and Shelley (rhyme!): let's collaborate on that petition for Mother Nature. This is shit.

Amy: no job interview. Just a tournament. ...don't think you missed anything, I can't recall mentioning it. ;)

Teachbroeck: thx for stopping by!

Beebop: you have such a scent fetish!

Laurie: great minds think (and feel) alike. :)

Plantation said...

Very creative post. I like the album, too.

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