Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Job search Monday

At work on Monday morning, I hurriedly called Liz (the lone coworker who I genuinely like and trust) over to my desk to show her something.

It was a job posting that I stumbled over on Sunday night. The position seemed to fit her perfectly and, judging by the employer, would offer her a substantial pay and benefit increase. Her eyebrows raised when I showed it to her. "Email it to me," she whispered. She scratched down her personal email address and pushed it across the desk.

I smiled, nodded and did as she asked. Liz is a sharp woman, a fantastic friend and a dynamic and efficient worker. If this job is as right for her as it seems, she deserves to get it.

Less than an hour later, Kevin called. He had landed an interview, he said. I laughed when Kevin told me what it was for: I had emailed him that job posting.

There was quiet excitement on Monday morning. Neither were (or are) certainties, but nevertheless, I was happy for my friends. Opportunity can never be taken for granted.

There was a whisper.

A silly, doubting whisper.

You can find jobs for others, but you cannot find one for yourself? How undesirable are you?

At 2:30 pm, I received a request for a phone interview.

Kevin's interview was yesterday. He feels confident. Liz is preparing her resume. She feels confident. And, on Monday afternoon, I have a phone interview. For a job that fits me in education, in challenge and in interest.

I hope this week is a turning point. A defining moment.

We deserve it. We all deserve it.


Amy said...

being able to find awesome jobs for awesome friends just means you're a good friend, you're selfless and you're perceptible...all WONDERFUL qualities that will land YOU a WONDERFUL job. You just haven't found the right one...

maybe this one....

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