Monday, April 02, 2007

Jewish for a day

I am currently missing my first kickboxing class of the year. And I won't get to see the season finale of The Hills tonight, either. I'm going over to Lucy and Chet's house to celebrate Passover.

Every celebration needs a token gentile or two, right?

I'm making an amazing flourless chocolate cake to bring with me. Lucy told me not to bother bringing anything but I couldn't help myself. How much do I love baking for people? A lot. Especially this cake. It's going to be a winner.

I am mostly excited about it.

But what I'm really pumped about is how I made it to the super-mega-colossal grocery store, found all of my ingredients, bought a 9" springform pan and drove back home in less than a half hour. In rush hour traffic. That was divine intervention there, kids.

God wants me to celebrate Passover.


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