Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here we go again

I have a job interview tomorrow. The very, very most preliminary stage of the job interview, I would guess. I was told that it would be a half-hour long. And it's going to take me twice as long to get there. A phone interview would've been nice.

I almost didn't even take the interview and, until last night, I considered cancelling. I have issues with the job title. I have concerns about what it would reduce me to. I fear a lack of challenge. I'm afraid that I will be nothing but somebody's bitch.

I live in constant fear that my parents paid a good $80,000+ for me to go to the most expensive public school in the country and I will have nothing to show for it. The fear is a disease. It may lie dormant, but is always there. On days like today, contemplating decisions that I may or may not have to face, the disease flares up. And I mostly freak out.

The call inviting me for an interview came on Friday, in the middle of dinner with my parents. I excused myself, took the call and returned to the table. I didn't breathe a word of it until yesterday, when I forwarded the job description to my mom and asked her if she thought interviewing was worth my time.

She encouraged me to interview.

It is good practice, if nothing else. And we all know - after three spectacular bombs in the last 13 months - that I could use the practice.

Once I told Mom, backing out was no longer an option.

So - what the hell? - I might as well seriously consider it.

This job could offer me a lot of good things.
I'd list them all here, but it seems like a waste of time.
I need to iron my blouse.
And it's not like I'm going to get the job anyway.


Kate said...

Good Luck, A.

You'll get the job, and then you can be the one to say "NO" if you don't want it. It is always better to be the one who gets to say no.

You'll be fine, either way.

WTG on the shopping trip and the rush hour traffic, too. I smiled reading about that.


Amy said...

I always think I'm more confident about a job interview when I know I have nothing to lose. I ask better questions, I make sure I understand the full job to know if it's right for me, instead of being too excited about the company or the salary or whatever else bogs my mind on WAY COOL interviews. Take your time with this one. Wow them. See what promotions might be available down the road...you never know. Maybe this isn't the job for you, but maybe it's a stepping stone to the one that is.

Laurie said...

It can't hurt to try. I hope it goes well!

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