Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Family trait

Even at a young age, I liked to tease my mother for making the bed in our hotel room. I would giggle as she smoothed the blankets and pulled them taught, reminding her that housekeeping would be in to make the beds.

Mom would tell me that she was just making the room neat. That, just because it was someone's job to clean the room didn't mean we needed to slobs.

I would taunt her, too, when she’d tidy up before the housekeeper came over. Mom wasn’t one to humor my teasing. Every week, she would roll her eyes and give me the same lecture: it was housekeeper’s job to clean the house, not our clutter. Now get your homework off of the kitchen counter and put away the clothes hanging in the laundry room and leave me the hell alone, child.

Now that I’m old, I completely understand where she was coming from. Which kills me.

But you know what kills me more?

I made my bed in my hotel room when I was in Chicago.

On Sunday night, I stayed up late doing laundry and emptying the dishwasher and filing a towering stack of old bills and receipts and other paperwork and getting my soccer bag out of the middle of my living room. My building’s maintenance crew was coming in to change the filter in my furnace. And even though my common sense tells me that:
a. maintenance couldn’t care less how trashed (or clean) my apartment is
b. maintenance sees a lot of apartments that are infinitely more nasty than mine could ever hope to be
all I could think about was making my apartment squeaky clean and beautiful, a reflection of the person that I am on the inside and on the outside.

Needless to say, I was nearly late to work this morning – due to running around my apartment like a madwoman, making sure that my pajamas were off of the floor and my toast crumbs were wiped up. N*elsen is coming over today to check on my ratings box. Which, by the way, is not kept in my kitchen and is not kept in my bathroom.

Oh, hello, neurotic. Glad to have you part of my genetic makeup.


Laurie said...

The compulsive cleaning for maintenance/housekeepers is quite amusing. I draw the line at making the bed in a hotel.

An ex-boyfriend of mine used to install the Nielsen boxes. He HATED that job, mostly because of annoying people who wouldn't keep appointments but wanted the cash. It sounds like you are the perfect Nielsen person!

Do you keep your tv on during the day to skew the ratings? I would.

Kate said...


It's okay to be your mom. Just be a better version of her.

But I'm biased. I vaccum my little skybox apartment compulsively and definitely pull the covers up in hotel rooms. I put all of the wet towels in a pile. Because I just DON'T LIKE to make a little mess. Even if someone is going to clean it up. I don't see myself as a MESSMAKER. Nothin' wrong with that.

Kate :)

Amy said...

I clean the bathroom when a repair person is scheduled to arrive - I'd hate for them to have to use the loo and find it repulsive! I make my bed nearly every single day of the year, and I usually get all the dishes in the dishwasher before I leave for work. I open all the blinds, straighten the couch, put away remotes, all so it is tidy when I come back home. I was a complete slob as a child, so perhaps this is just balance in my life.

A said...

Well of COURSE I'm the perfect Nielsen family! ;) Well, maybe not (although I don't leave the TV on to mess with the ratings), but I definitely don't do it for the cash (it's hardly anything).

Kate and Amy, thanks for making me feel normal for, well, being a little neurotic! XO

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