Saturday, April 21, 2007

Awww, soccer boys

I didn't know any of the boys on my soccer team prior to this season. Our team blows, but we're having a lot of fun.

On my way out last night, a gaggle of boys from my team stopped me to find out if I'd like to continue playing with them. Games would still be on Friday night, but without the entirity our current cast of characters. I assume that their plan was to weed out the undesireables and start afresh. With new jerseys and a new team name.


As far as I know, they haven't asked any of the other girls on my team. So that's awkward.

I had two favorite parts of interaction with these boys.

Favorite Part #1:
As we're walking out of the building.
Boy - "Can I be that guy? That guy who gets your number?"
Other boy - "Don't worry. He's married."
Me - "That makes it even better."
Boy - "...that married guy who gets your number."
Me - "XXX-XXXX. And you spell my name with a Y. Get it right."
Other boy - "Al-eye-son?"
Me - "My parents think they're cute."
Boy - "I bet your parents are cute."

Favorite Part #2:
In the parking lot, as we're walking out to our cars, I pop my trunk.
Boy - "Alyson's pimping. Look at that car."
Different other boy - "Is that a Lexus?"
Me - (laughing) "A Lincoln, actually. Have a great week, boys. See you next Friday!"

I am a compliments whore.


Amy said...

oooh too fun!! I love it!

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