Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There ain't no party like a Wednesday night party

As I was leaving work today, this college kid who works part time for us says to me "what are you doing tonight? Are you going to party?"

"If you consider shopping for yarn, going to yoga class and trying to get to bed before 9:00 partying, then, yes, I am."

I wish I would've known that I squeezed in time to put away laundry and that the simple thought of my boy drama brought me to tears just before yoga class. That really would've impressed him.

I'm living the dream.


Kate said...

Hey A!

I totally love your blog. I have spent like, 45 minutes reading your posts and looking at pictures from Lucy's wedding and being amazed at the stuff we have in common. Anyway, I'll be reading and I think you are totally great.


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