Friday, March 09, 2007

Simple and very dorky

Colin, in a personality trait eerily similar to my father, doesn't laugh often.

He isn't standoffish or humorless or incapable of emotion; he shows his amusement in other, subtler, ways. It isn’t the slightest bit bothersome, but I never fail to notice when he breaks into a genuine laugh. His laugh is musical and pleasing and I wonder if I will ever tire of hearing it.

It is the best, of course, when I am the trigger to his laughter.

I enjoy making anyone laugh. When I coax a laugh out of Colin, however, it’s truly a treat.

I made him laugh this afternoon. 3:00ish.

I’m still a bit giddy.


Unknown said...

Yes, I enjoy making people laugh too. Which explains why I was sent to the hall so often as a kid. Laugh and Enjoy!

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