Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Resolution Review 2

1. Read 12 novels.
I totally read this horribly trashy Harlequin. It was complete crap and I’m glad that I read it; I now know that if I ever have the desire to write a book, a romance novel is completely within my grasp. I might’ve even checked to see if Media Bistro was offering any online courses on the subject. Might’ve.

2. Find a new job or go back to school. Or, ideally, find a new job AND go back to school.
No new job. Haven’t signed up for any classes. But if action = progress, then I’m making progress. I’ve fallen into a fantastic pattern of checking indeed.com on a regular, obsessive basis and applying for the jobs that have appeal. That job fair was mostly a bust, but at least I exhibited some evidence of having a spine and went.

3. Go to the gym with increased frequency.
Gym: 8 times in February. Eight?! Yikes. I’m at 21 total visits of my goal of 175 trips to the gym for the year. Hmmm. I might be screwed.
Hockey: 5 times in February.
Skating: 6 times in February. I hate this. I want to skate more. More like 12 times per month.
Overall: 18 instances of physical activity. 10 less than January. Must refocus. Playing soccer on Friday nights will give me a boost in March.

4. Not make a weight-related resolution.
I didn’t weigh myself in February, which makes it nearly impossible to make a weight-related resolution. So I’ve got that going for me.

5. Knit more.
I didn’t touch my knitting needles in February. Bad girl.

6. Stop the incessant purchasing.
I have been a very, very good girl. I didn’t buy anything other than the essentials (food, gasoline), a little birthday gift for my grandma and the Swarovski crystals for my skating dress.

7. Visit with my grandparents more.
I saw Grandma and Grandpa once on a Friday afternoon, once for a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner and on Grandma’s birthday. They were all nice, long, quality visits. I hope to keep up on this, because I can see how happy it makes my grandma.

8. Cut back on the coffee/hazelnut cappuccino mix that I feast on allfrickingdaylong at work. It’s as bad as sipping on a soda all day.
I haven’t once broken my limit of one cup three days/week. In fact, I’ve dropped to something closer to twice per week. Holla!

9. Become a sweet-ass juggler.
As I’m starting soccer again on Friday, I’ve had a bit more motivation to practice my juggling. In my living room. The weather, obviously, is a deterrent. But I seem to be making a bit of progress. It remains an attainable goal.

10. Allow myself to trust Colin.
I don’t know. We haven’t spent enough time together for me to gauge. If nothing else, I think I’m learning to let things go. Obsessing, quite frankly, is exhausting. And if Colin wants to be with me and I want to be with him, then we’ll be together. And if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. Hours of relationship analysis won’t change that.
February’s resolution of the month: Start taking calcium.
Achieved. Love those horse pills.

A pinch to grow an inch: March’s resolution of the month
Eat more vegetables

Vegetables are often curiously absent from the meals that I prepare at my apartment. There’s no need. I like just about every vegetable, I’m just too lazy to prepare them. In March, I’ll include a vegetable in a minimum of 3/4 of the meals I make for myself.

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Mrs. Architect said...

Love this!! I think you are the first person to really stick with your resolution and keep track of it! GO A!!!

Amy said...

There are these frozen bags of veggies (I just can't do canned) and you can steam them right.in.the.bag in the micro!! It's awesome, quick and good for you!! I make a bag two servings and enjoy a huge helping each dinner. Gotta love convenience!

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