Saturday, March 24, 2007

My narcissistic weekend

Best Part of My Weekend Thus Far: Hearing the exclamation, "you're tiny! I never realized how tiny you are!" while the observer (an acquaintance) wraps his hands around my midsection.

Second Best Part of My Weekend Thus Far: A customer, who has nicknamed me Red (due to my strawberry blonde hair), who hits on me relentlessly despite being my father's age, who still happens to be one of the few in this business who I actually like and respect, teasingly saying "you complete me" after I gave him the answer he wanted to hear.

Yeah. So. Hopefully tomorrow brings something that is legitimately exciting.


Kate said...

Hey A,

Way to go with that "tiny" comment. Sounds like you do a lot of work to stay in shape (and the cute outfits at the gym, I am jealous, I always end up looking like a scrub! Anyway!)

Men old enough to be your dad are always going to be skeevy. In our 30's, will that mean that the guys are then old enough to be grandpa?

What's going on with Colin?


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