Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hump Day

We have a family crisis brewing. It's big. I don't have the energy or the moxie to write about it tonight.

I'll spill it all. Eventually.

The shit that is the impending family drama has yet to officially hit the fan, so tonight I'll appreciate the monotony that was my Wednesday.

It might be a while until I have another gloriously uneventful day.

12:41 AM:
Colin calls. I shouldn't be excited and I shouldn't answer. I am, I do.
6:50 AM: My alarm clock interrupts a dream that I can't quite recall. I was about work, so I'm not that bummed.
7:15 AM: Gloria Jean's Hazelnut coffee, in my Hockey Hall of Fame mug with a bit of skim milk.
8:02 AM: Out the door, purse, lunch and a piece of toast in hand. I'm only two minutes late. I might as well be on time; I'm usually running 6-8 minutes late in the morning.
8:30 AM: I swipe in at work. Exactly on time, thankyouverymuch. Not that anyone polices that.
8:33 AM: Am enraged by first email I read. Am not surprised.
11:05 AM: I have my second breakfast of the day, Trader Joe's instant oatmeal that I always keep on stock in the bottom, left-hand drawer.
12:35 AM: Dad calls to inquire about the exact location of the Puma store in the mall. While I do not know the answer to this question, I am able to employ Google and provide him with the store's phone number. This, he says, is more valuable information than the store's location.
2:40 PM: Kevin's replacement comes in. He goes from insanely cheery to irritatingly pissy in approximately 11 minutes. I tell him this.
3:10 PM: Colin sends me the first of a dozen emails. I don't read too much into them.
4:20 PM: Coffee. I will sip it for the rest of the workday because I am very done with being productive.
5:35 PM: I return home, to a cold apartment and a plateful of sinfully cheesy Quakes cheddar rice cakes.
5:52 PM: Lucy calls. We chat, entirely about other people, while I get dressed for yoga.
6:15 PM: I leave for yoga.
6:18 PM: Lucy and I finish our conversation because she's at Taco Bell and doesn't want to chew into her phone. She has stellar manners.
6:33 PM: Yoga starts. A bit late. Even though you're never supposed to judge, I know that I kind of sucked at it today. Too much on my mind. But at least the pre-class music didn't make me cry like it did last week.
7:55 PM: The gravitational pull of Target (which is too close to my gym) has pulled me, unwillingly, into its force field. I look for sandals, but do not buy.
8:08 PM: I briefly consider continuing my sandal search at DSW. I'm feeling hyperglycemic, so I go to Chipotle instead.
8:15 PM: Vegetarian burrito in hand, I steer Stella towards home.
8:25 PM: A burrito and MTV. The world is a wonderful place.
8:40 PM: I move from the floor to the couch and kick thing up a knot by breaking out the knitting and episodes 6 and 7 of Grey's Anatomy, season 2.
10:14 PM: Blogging. About nothing. Because I'm afraid that I won't have nothing to blog about for some time.

I'll get to the reasons behind that. Another day.

11:01 PM: Bed.


Plantation said...

Where was Sasha for the US and Worlds? Has she gone pro?

A said...

She hasn't gone pro (she's keeping her eligibility), but she didn't compete this year. She says she wants to come back for the 2010 Olympics. I think she's taking acting classes and occasionally skating in a show.

Amy said...

I thought this was a cute glimpse into your daily life. Enjoy the tranquility (even if it is short-lived!)

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