Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowy, snowy night

We’re in the midst of a snowstorm. Not a blizzard, as the news anchors would like us to think, just an aggressive snowstorm that has transformed this bland, characterless suburb into what borders on beautiful.

I love a good snow.

This is the first one of the year. I’ve been waiting so long! Last week, the schoolchildren had classes cancelled due to the extreme cold. Tomorrow, perhaps they’ll finally get their first snow day. A day to sled in the backyard and pelt one another with snowballs and drink hot chocolate while defrosting in front a television that is playing cartoons.

How to get a snow day, the superstitious way: go to sleep wearing your pajamas inside out.

My hockey game tonight was cancelled. I baked cookies and listened to the new Norah Jones album. I ventured to the gym and didn’t have to fight for a treadmill.

The snowfall makes me feel gloriously isolated. It is unusually quiet outside my apartment door. I imagine all of my neighbors are huddled inside, being lazy and relishing in the opportunity to do so without any guilt.

I wouldn’t have felt bad if I hadn’t made it to the gym tonight.

This snow is nice, but far from the best. I would like my snowstorm to happen at Mom and Dad’s house – or someplace awfully similar – with two fireplaces to warm myself in front of, a lake to skate on, a hill to sled on, a short walk to shovel. Maybe. If I’m feeling productive.


I’d like my snowstorm to involve a movie. And takeout. Chinese or Thai.

The perfect snowstorm would leave me stranded with a companion I can share a blanket with. Colin, ultimately. Lucy or Meg or Mom. We could exchange body heat, appreciate the other’s fleece socks and ratty sweats.

The snowy night would precede a snowy morning, void of prior obligations that the snowfall would have smothered. We would make a big, complex breakfast at the time that we’d normally be eating lunch. We would tackle a bit of the snow buildup. We’d make a snowman, sled down the hill, skate a few laps.

Takeout, again, of course.

Logging more hours in front of the fireplace.

Going to bed unabashedly hoping, though the chances are zero, for another snow day.


Unknown said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Snow!!!! It's still been warm (tanktop weather) down here.

How do you like the new Norah Jones album? I've been thinking about getting it.

Enjoy the snow! And PLEASE post some pictures, pretty please?!?!

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