Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My bags are packed

I'm counting down the minutes until I leave.

A suit will be worn (thank you for all of the feedback and great advice). My nails are painted. My résumé has been copied a zillion times over on lovely paper. I'm praying.

Attempts to avoid my current company will be made. A confident smile and a cheerful hello will be my only weapons in an awkward run-in. I will make no apologies. Doing what is best for myself is not a crime.


Amy said...

Perfect attitude!!!! I hope it was wonderful. I hope you got some leads, or if not, I hope maybe something sparked your attention and you're considering pursuing it. But even if nothing was right, even if there wasn't a single job there for you, keep this in mind: at least you know that right now, your job is the best one for you. Keep your options open, but appreciate that you have a job to lean on.

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