Friday, February 16, 2007

A funny thing happened on my way to court

Most Friday mornings, I go to the rink and skate for a few hours. I hate getting up earlier then I do on workdays on my day off, but I love the accomplishment of having that practice under my belt before I'd normally even get up.

I skipped skating today; I was scheduled to appear in traffic court at 9:30 am.

I parked in the structure next to the courthouse, gathered my belongings, dipped my head to shield my face from a blustery wind whipping through the parking structure and hurried to the stairwell.

While taking my first step onto the stairs, I checked behind me to verify that I had parked on the third level.

My foot - clad in adorable, yet totally inappropriate for slippery winter conditions, ballet flats - slipped. I didn't recover. I was on my ass in a millisecond. I banged down another step before I could get control of my flailing limbs and stop my downward motion.

I was assessing the damage – mainly to my ass and to my pride – when I heard a thump at the bottom of the staircase.

Did something fly out of my purse?

I brushed myself off, descended down the stairs and, at the bottom, there was my cell phone. Working, thankfully, after its freefall. I tucked it back into my trusty black Kate Spade and went for my day in court.

I got what was expected: impeding traffic, a no-point violation that carries a fine identical to that of my original speeding ticket.

I also got what I didn’t expect: a massive bruise on my ass.

If I had gone skating this morning, even if I’d skated incredibly poorly, I couldn’t have injured myself as badly as that misstep injured me.

Cute, right?

What can be said about a girl who is more secure on ice than she is on solid ground?


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