Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The job fair was a waste of anxiety.

My damn company didn’t even show up. That is so like them, to blow off an opportunity to put the company (which is by no means huge or particularly well known) in front of so many people. Here they were, with a captive audience of job seekers who want in on the industry, some of who must have the bright minds and the creative thoughts that the company needs, and they don’t bother to show.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t OVER THE FRICKING MOON when I realized that they weren’t there. Oh, the glory of avoiding that mess.

I’m not quite sure what to think of the rest of the job fair. I don’t want to be so naïve as to paint the entire afternoon as a waste but when it all boils down, that’s what it feels like. It seemed like a lot of the companies were looking more for interns. They’d throw my résumé in the pile for full-timers and tell me to keep checking their website.

Gee, thanks. I couldn’t have figured that out myself. I hope that my résumé makes great fuel for your next bonfire. Roast some marshmallows over it for me, eh?

I had one conversation that I’d consider productive and hopeful. The recruiter seemed excited and enthusiastic when he saw my résumé, and more specifically what I was involved in here, and immediately related it to a position that would be opening up with his company.

I can totally see why he thought it was a job that could fit me and my experience. But I have my reservations. I suspect that it would involve more sales than I’d like or would be comfortable with. It’s in Cleveland, which obviously gives me all sorts of moving anxiety even though it’s really not that far from the D.

And I’m just not sure that I want to work in hockey for the rest of my life. I love the sport, I really do, but I think I’d just be content with being a fan and a player. I’m pretty sick of this former jock bullshit that I put up with. I’m so over these people who have their jobs merely because they have a penis and have taken a lot of pucks to the head.

It’s back to the drawing board, I suppose. More lectures from my mom. Trudging through frustration. Digging through job postings. Keeping my ear to the ground. Crossing my fingers. And Blogging about it all.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that someday you'll find the job of your dreams (fingers crossed!).
A big 'ciao' from Italy!!


Anonymous said...

Get your ass over here to Cleveland so we can tear it up! YEAH!!!!!

Laurie said...

I'm sorry the job fair wasn't a smashing success. At least you didn't have to deal with anyone from your company seeing you there. Keep your chin up. It will work out.

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