Monday, February 05, 2007

Better (but not perfect)

I, along with the rest of America’s football watching populous, really don’t feel like working today. It’s cold in the office. I have a lot to do. These unfortunate circumstances, coupled with a lack of decent sleep, make me want to work even less.

Colin and I went to Katie and Josh’s house for their modest, nice Super Bowl party. I brought along my homemade caramel corn, which brought the other girls to their knees with its potent deliciousness. I have a feeling that at least a few people were wondering why I wasn’t feasting on the caramel corn like everyone else; that was more to do with the fact that I’d nibbled on it for three straight hours while making it than any sort of ridiculous attempt at being healthy.

I like Colin’s core group of friends. They’re genuine, low-maintenance, nice people. I’m still pretty quiet around them (I’m still getting to know them all), but they do not intimidate me. And that’s nice. It doesn’t take much to make me feel inferior.

There was a portion of yesterday when I could’ve killed Colin. He asked me to go with him to Josh and Katie’s when we were at dinner on Friday. We only talked for a minute on Saturday (we both had absolutely insane workdays and our schedules were completely opposite of each other’s). And, on Sunday? Nothing. No call. I went ahead and made caramel corn, trying not to think about last New Year’s Eve, which went something like this:

[Just before New Year’s Eve.]
Colin: What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?
Me: I have no social life. I never do anything.
Colin: I’ll call you.
Me: Glorious! I will wear something pretty and make it so that it doesn’t look like rodents nest in my hair!
Colin: Cool.

[New Year’s Eve.]
Me: (I feel excited. I am going to go out for New Year’s Eve. It will be fun. I will be fun!)
Me: (I wonder why Colin hasn’t called. I’ll call him.)
Me: (Voice mail. Of course.) Colin! Hi! I was calling to find out what the plans were for tonight. Give me a ring, please.
Me: (It’s 10:00 pm. Is he going to call?)
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: Happy New Year, Mom and Dad. I am so lucky to have spent the evening with you and not depressed at all by the fact that I’m 23 and ringing in the New Year with my parents in my pajamas.

Sunday was not a repeat of New Year’s 2006; Colin eventually called. It was a little too late for my taste, but he called.

In the moment, I revert back. I panic. I forget that this is the new Colin. The one who might not be timely on his phone calls (he’s spent most of the day sleeping; very impressive) or good with details and doesn’t understand that it takes a girl longer than three minutes to get ready, but doesn’t drop me when something better comes along.

I’m a big fan of the new and improved model.


Laurie said...

At least it is improvement.

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