Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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I got this skating dress for Christmas.

Well, no. Not exactly. That picture shows the dress pattern. My dress, unfortunately, isn't in the lizard/hologram green.

This is my dress. In black velvet. Velvet is very forgiving.

While the dress is very pretty as it is (isn't the back adorable?), I want to slap some rhinestones on it to jazz it up a bit. A few (gross of) rhinestones will turn a dress suitable for practice into a dress suitable for competition.

I have pretty much no sense of personal style, so I've spend the last few days looking for a dress to rip off.

I started off, of course, with The Queen, Michelle Kwan.

I'm mostly in love with the beading on this dress. It a Vera Wang. How could you not love it?

Because my dress is a halter, I can't see the beading at the straps working well. That's okay. The beading at the waist is enough to stop my beating heart.

But it's the beading that runs up one side that really fires me up.

Vera Wang seems to do a lot of dresses for MK that focus at the waist. I absolutely adore this dress that she used for her Spartacus program. But I'm a little nervous to call attention to my waist.

I'm considering going with the plain ol' beading for the sake of beading. Something like this would add a bit of pizazz, reflect a little light and be an incredibly safe choice.

I'm not entirely convinced that I want to be boring.

If I do, there are many classics to choose from.

This is the classic bit-of-interest-at-the-neckline dress, which I could do at the vee of the halter.

If I was feeling really sassy, I could scatter rhinestones on the bodice and skirt, too.

I could also go with something more along the lines of a design, like in on this dress:

But maybe that's a little too immature.

What I like about this dress is that the rhinestones are the same color of the dress, adding a bit of quiet sparkle to the dress at the waist and under the bust. This is definitely something I could pull off.

While Emily Hughes' beading contrasts the dress, I think it's simple and not the slightest distracting. Her smile, however, is not. Goofy grin need not apply.

I saw it in dozens of dresses, but I'm a big nervous about accentuating the boob region. I'm not normally big on drawing attention to that part of my body.

But, I suppose that if I focused on that region in a rhinestone color that doesn't jump out from the fabric (as in this dress), it would feel a bit more classy and less, um, obvious.

I really like this, though. A few rhinestones at the boobs, but the focus is elsewhere.

I love that the design continues on the back.

I love the design on this dress, but I'm worried that:
a. I couldn't replicate it.
b. It would ridiculous on a 24-year-old.
c. The beading wouldn't translate well onto velvet.
d. It'd be too, too, too much.

And so, my darlings, I am completely stuck.

Come on, my resident fashionistas, don't be shy.


Paul Michael Peters said...

One word, one phone call, one infomercial says it all - Bedazzler!!

A said...

The scary truth: my sister owns a Beadazzler.

With a skating dress, however, it isn't wise to use. The Beadazzler uses a metal clasp to hold the rhinestone in place...not great for what is essentially a bathing suit.

TMI, I know.

Paul Michael Peters said...

Good to know. I have a history of falling on ice as well - I'll avoid the Bedazzler. Actually - I really just like the name. It rolls around my head when I say it - Bedazzler!

I'm sure you look great in any swim suit with glitters. Please post a photo of what you decide on ; ) (that means wink, wink)

Anonymous said...

I like the Michelle Kwan outfits a lot. Love simple but bold. But if you're worried about emphasizing your waist or other areas...then go for the same colored sequins thing. I think that always looks good, even if it is a little boring.


Mrs. Architect said...

Yeah, the first thing I thought of was the bedazzler! haha

Seriously though, I really like the first Kwan you pointed out and the red dress (not sure if that is Kwan). I like the simple ones better. Not rhinestones all over. Just the sleek lines/outlines of dress.

You'll have to post pics when you are done. I bet it will look FAB!

Amy said...

I like the simpler, more elegant ones on Michelle, personally.

Laurie said...

So many choices my head is spinning, haha, notice the pun??

Simple is better. I love the first one of Michelle Kwan. I think you could pull off the beading on the straps even with yours being a halter top. It would just change the angle. It could still look very good.

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