Saturday, January 06, 2007


One of the few people in my company who I actually like, a sweet and funny Canadian man who works in another facility, has just taken another job. It's the perfect position for him: much closer to home and, therefore, his pregnant wife and his son (he'll be a mere 20 minutes away instead of over an hour). A step up in responsibility. A bigger company with more room to move up.

I sent him the job posting.

I'm very happy for him.

Another one of the few people in my company who I actually like, a genuine and fun married college student who worked in my facility, recently quit because he landed the perfect internship in his field (civil engineering).

This week, he was offered an engineering job that he'll start after his graduation in May.

I'm thrilled for him, too.

I'm jealous of them both. I'm ready to move on, too.

I'm picking up a few LSAT study guides on my way home from work tonight.


Laurie said...

You should take the experiences of others and use them as a sign that things do work out. You will find a better job where you are more challenged and appreciated.

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