Friday, January 12, 2007

Space concerns

Kristine - File Girl - recently wrote about My Space. It's stuck in my head.

Two things I truly love in this world are internet dorkdom and myself. That's why I adore my blog so: I can be a dork and write all about myself and my life and share it with the internet.

I love my blog; I'd obviously love My Space. And Facebook, for that matter.

I narrowly missed the Facebook wave when I was in college. It was just getting popular during my senior year and, smartly, I never joined. I hear its a great waste of time. I never would've graduated.

And I've been waiting to join the social networking sites - My Space and Facebook - since then.

First, it was a so-so internship. If I'd had a fabulous job, I would have joined Facebook and flaunted my job to all of my college classmates.

Then, there was the lack of a boyfriend. If I had a boyfriend, I'd have joined My Space so that the boy I had a crush on in high school could look at the pictures of us, with smiles so big they barely fit in the frame of the photo.

Now, it feels too late. Like I'm the last kid picked for the team. Not to mention that I'm lacking a fabulous job, an engagement ring, money, power, a gorgeous baby and a house.

In high school, I was That Girl.

That Girl who would amount to something. That Girl never had a boyfriend, but she had brains and she had a future. That Girl would become something before the rest of us. That Girl would put us all to shame.

That Girl isn't anything special anymore. She has her fancy-schmancy degree from her fancy-schmancy school. She has a dead-end job. She has debt. She has doubts. She's restless. She's unsure.

And she'd rather not broadcast that to her former classmates.

Maybe some of them see her absence on Facebook and My Space and assume that she's too busy being That Girl - That Successful Girl - to participate.

Maybe that's exactly what That Girl hopes.


Laurie said...

This makes complete sense. All of the social networking sites are really just to promote yourself. But girl, you do have something to promote, yourself. You are a smart girl who still has a future. Just because things have not happened as quickly as you thought they would doesn't mean they won't happen.

Plus, have you ever seen a tasteful MySpace page? I didn't think so. You can now join Facebook with any e-mail address, you don't have to be in college.

Heather said...

i'm completely lame, as i haven't lived up to my potential at all (i was also That Girl), but i love love love spying on people via facebook/myspace. it's probably why my potential is still unfulfilled: i am too busy squandering it on who biffy's boffing today.

Unknown said...

I disagree. You are special and you are a "work in progress". Don't let the obstacles define you. This will pass. Believe me. Very cool to read that you ice skate! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean about people thinking you're too busy out being THAT GIRL when they can't find you on MySpace. That's what I just realized I think when I can't find old boyfriends or the "popular" friends.

But somehow you've got to find a way to not care so much what people think or what you were supposed to be at this point! All that matters is what you ARE and where you're going. (I say that easily because I remind myself of it all the time). :)

A said...

A tasteful My Space page. Hahahaha. That's a good point. And Heather, of COURSE, I spy on others via My Space and Facebook. How could I possibly resist? (I love high school gossip.)

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