Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sick and wrong

I’m spending the night at Mom and Dad’s house tonight; I had meetings all day on this side of town and tomorrow morning I’m meeting Colin for breakfast, so it made much more sense to stay here in lieu of driving an hour to my apartment and then an hour back here in the morning and then an hour to work. Simplify, right?

So I’ve been here since 4:00 pm, doing exciting things like watching Oprah and napping and settling down in front of the fireplace and the television to watch You, Me and Dupree with Mom and Dad.

A very chill evening. I can’t complain.

When the movie was over, Mom hustled into the office and onto the computer. She was replying to a few emails.

I was pacing outside of the door.

If Meg and I don’t have our laptops here, there’s only one computer in the house. And I wanted to blog.

Even though I had absolutely nothing to blog about.

This is what happens, kids, when you participate in two Post-One-A-Fricking-Day-Come-Hell-Or-High-Water-A-Thons. You get obsessive. And you can’t give it up, even when your two months are over.

And then you can write in your blog about writing about your blog.

That’s when it gets really scary.


Laurie said...

Definitely slightly obsessed. OK, maybe more than slightly but it happens to the best of us.

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