Friday, January 26, 2007


Grey's Anatomy, I am not kidding. You must stop this. Stop ripping my heart from my chest and dusting the open wound with table salt.

I wasn't expecting it, Grey's. I watched the majority of the show, entertained but not blown away. And then, just as I settled into the idea of the episode being slightly blasé (because, honestly, could any episode compare to last week's?) you go and punch me in the neck.

It is a damn good thing Colin didn't see my tearful, whimpering, sniffling reaction to the last five minutes of the show.

Scare him off? No. It probably would've stopped his beating heart.


Laurie said...

I was shocked by the ending as well. But I knew that Izzie would fund the free clinic.

I almost cried when the girl left her Amish friend to die with her parents.

M said...

That show is just great great great. I think george's proposal is bogus, but thought that Burke's was just wow.

Plantation said...

Hope you enjoyed the skating ;-)

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