Saturday, January 13, 2007

Question of the day

When do you know when too much is too much?

I think I might be getting close.

I'm tired.

I want another day to my week.

Last night, I went out with Colin. And then it's 2:30 am and I'm going to sleep because I'm fortunate enough to work on Saturdays.

Today, I worked. And then it's 5:00 pm and I'm running back to my apartment to change my clothes for a visit to a funeral home (my hockey coach's wife died) and rushing to Lucy's house to hang out with the girls and checking my watch all too often to see if I should go so I can see Colin, too.

(I didn't leave in time to see Colin, by the way.)

Tomorrow is much the same. I'll sleep in a bit - until around 8:30 - and then I'll shower and drink coffee and read the newspaper. Then it's off to the rink. I'll skate. I'll rush home. I'll have an hour or two of downtime, I hope, to watch football or nap or knit. And then we're going to Grandma's for dinner. I have to leave early; I agreed to substitute in goal for a friend's hockey team. After the game, I'd like to see Colin. We still haven't exchanged Christmas gifts. And I'd like some time alone with him; I hated sharing him at the business function of his that we went to last night.

If I see Colin tomorrow night (I doubt that I will), I won't get to bed until after midnight. And that will put me behind for the rest of the week.

I haven't gone grocery shopping in at least three weeks. Probably a month.
I haven't cracked a novel.
I haven't moved the LSAT study guides off of my coffee table.
I've gone to the gym a mere four times in the last week. Not quite sure how I'm going to make it 171 more times in 2007.

Not sure how I'm going to get anything done.

Not sure how I haven't lost it yet.


Laurie said...

It sounds like you have too much going on but I couldn't tell you where to begin cutting back. I am amazed you still managed to go to the gym four times last week. It may not seem like enough but it is over half of the time. You need to give yourself credit for that.

A said...

That's totally my problem, Laurie, I have no idea what to cut out. There's really nothing (other than work) that I don't want to be doing...

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