Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My dad: great man, not so great in the kitchen.

My parents got married young – Mom was 19, Dad was barely 20 – and, to her credit, my mom trained my dad well. He’s always been a little more Mr. Mom than any other dad I know: he does laundry, cleans, grocery shops (occasionally, though Mom can’t stand the random items he has the tendency of throwing into the shopping cart) and cooks.

Dad is great with breakfast foods. He makes absolutely fabulous, completely homemade pancakes and waffles; he can make just about any egg product you can dream up, too.

Mom is mostly in charge of dinnertime. But, as my father is absolutely whipped and has been for 31 years, Dad helps out with dinner, too. He mostly pitches in on the weekends and during the school year.

My dad doesn’t have much of a dinner repertoire, however. His suppers consist mainly of the following: a hunk of meat (chicken breast, steak), a potato (generally mashed or baked) and a vegetable (usually frozen, occasionally a fresh steamed veggie if he knows how to fix whatever happens to be in the house). Sometimes, he’ll throw in a frozen dinner roll of some kind.

My mother is grateful for Dad’s attempt, but she is incredibly sick of this "meal," which she refers to as Pale Chicken.

I don’t blame her. A bland chunk of meat doesn’t do much for me, either.

Mom has told Dad that she could use a little variety.

And so, on Sunday, Dad was sweet enough to attempt to make a bean soup. A bland bean soup. Ham floating in salty water, actually.

It was horrific.

Which is par for the course when Dad tries to get "creative" in his meal preparation.

After discussing this with Mom last night (and by discussing, I really mean I laughed at her misfortune), we decided that the best course of action would be to put together a handful of recipes for Dad to use.

My mom is so desperate that she said she’d give me $10 per recipe.

I will spend my workday looking for appropriate recipes.

Here’s the criteria:
1. Must be simple. As few ingredients as possible. As few steps as possible. As quickly as possible.
2. Use of the Crock Pot (a Christmas present from Mom to Dad) is bonus.
3. Must not be Pale Chicken.
4. Must not be bean soup.
5. Some recipes should be able to be thrown together at the very last minute, with no preplanning necessary and very little cook time.

I’m wrapping up the recipes; they will be a gift to Dad and Mom for their anniversary, which is next week.

I’m the best daughter ever.

So. Anybody have any good, simple, Dad-proof recipies that aren't bean soup that they'd like to share?


Unknown said...

A simple meal, that sounds disgusting, but is really, really good is Pork Roast and Sauerkraut. You can't get an easier meal than this: Put a pork roast in a crockpot and open a can of sauerkraut and dump that in over the meat. Let it cook for a few hours and you've got a great meal. The meat tempers the sauerkraut and the sauerkraut gives the meat a great taste! It's fail safe!

Laurie said...

$10 per recipe?! Are you going to share with us? ;)

Cheesy Italian Tortellini

This recipe uses a crock pot! If nothing else, the website should lead you to other easy recipes. Good luck.

The Girl Least Likely To... said...

Cheese and Broccoli Chicken Soup

It tastes great even without the chicken if you want to make it even faster or vegetarian friendly. I suggest that you serve the cheese separately so people can decide how much they want themselves. Because good Lord is that a lot of cheese!

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