Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ouch. Want to hear about it?

You know all of that glowing praise I gave yoga yesterday?

Forget it.

I hurt today. I hurt in a way that no amount of IcyHot, whining and ibuprofen could ever cure.

There's a knot between my shoulders that is approximately the size of South Carolina. Possibly slightly larger. It has pretty much left me paralyzed. I can't lift my elbows off of my side without a burning, stabbing pain in the center of my back.

I also can't keep myself from narrating every pang of pain that I feel.

I have a really bad habit of that. I think people care. I think people care that I'm hurting and are interested to know exactly where its hurting, how its hurting and how my body and I got into this mess.

I do have enough common sense to know that no one in his or her right mind gives a flaming shit about my wrist (injured shoving food into the freezer) my ankle (blister from my figure skates) my knees (ache for no reason) my back (has hurt every day since I was a sophomore in high school) or any other boo boo, regardless of the severity (or lack there of) of my injury.

I can't help myself.

I am pretty sure this annoying personality trait makes people want to hit me.

I am also pretty sure that this annoying personality trait keeps people from hitting me.

If you hit me, I'm going to get injured.


Laurie said...

The ending of this post was perfect. I actually laughed after being depressed about your pain.

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