Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh my

Excerpt from a conversation with Colin:

Colin: You wouldn't believe what I did yesterday after I saw you yesterday.
A: Try me. I doubt there's anything you could do that would surprise me.
Colin: I had a bunch of icy build up on my windshield wipers. You know when you grab the wiper and smack the ice off of it?
A: [Snicker.] I'm familiar.
Colin: The windshield wiper snapped right off.
A: ...
Colin: I broke it off while smacking the ice off of it.
A: I've never told you That Story?
Colin: You've never told me That Story.

[Insert telling of That Story here.]

A: So, don't feel bad. You're not the only one.
A: Welcome to the club?


Laurie said...

Oh that is way too funny. I went back and read your story. I can't believe you would attempt that while driving 60 MPH. I've done that while standing next to the car and have never broken a wiper. *Knocks on wood* It is going to snow here tonight. I need to cover my bases.

Anonymous said...

So maybe you can get him new wipers for christmas since you still havent exchanged gifts!

Unknown said...

Yeah! Beebop is totally right, get him wipers :) Hee.

So has anything big happened yet??

A said...

Oh, Laurie, for whatever reason I have this feeling that you're not quite as incredibly stupid as Colin and me. As long as you get out of your car and the wipers aren't on, I can't imagine you'll have any major issues.

Beebop and GFF: you KNOW I offered to have my dad get Colin's wipers fixed (he's in the business, after all), but he'd already gotten it done. Very resourceful, that boy.

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