Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nice yet creepy

For whatever reason, my dad looks at the track lighting in the kitchen as his own little experiment. Whenever he changes a bulb, he marks the date on it. Just to see how long it will last, I guess. Maybe the bulbs he buys come with some sort of a guarantee? I'm not sure.


One of the bulbs burned out while we were eating lunch today. And when dad took the old bulb out to change it, he'd written more than just the date on the bulb.

He wrote "I love you. xoxoxoxoxox."

It was, he explained, for us to find if he died. A note from the grave.


It's nice of you to think of us, buddy, but we're not quite ready for you to die.

So please, please, please don't.

Preferably ever.


Laurie said...

Creepy, sweet, and funny all at the same time.

Bill Robertson said...

Sweet and just a little pessimistic thinking that a lightbulb might outlast him. At least he got credit for the sweetness without having to actually die.

Amy said...

If I had taken out the lightbulb and had seen that he had the forethought to write me a message in case he died I would have been CREEPED OUT. A letter is one thing, a note on a lightbulb, is another. Whew, glad he's good and healthy.

P.S. Did you and Colin ever exchange Christmas gifts?

Anonymous said...

I second all the comments before me. But my first thought was how sweet it was. :)

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