Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hip, hip, hurrah!

Today, three cheers go to:
1. David Fucking Beckham for making the move to play for the L.A. Galaxy and, thus, to conquer America.
2. A new episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
3. My boss: cheaper and stupider than ever.
4. The workday that isn’t going as painfully slow as it could be.
5. Not hating Kevin’s replacement half as much as I expected to.
6. A sky that is, for once, cloudless.
7. Weather that, for once, gives me hope that I’ll get to skate on a lake at least once this winter.
8. Making plans with Colin for tomorrow.
9. Hummus.
10. My ability to craft unique and charming nicknames that stick like superglue.

Today, despite the fact that I have a killer headache and that my back is killing me (getting old is a bitch) and that I'm working (puke), has been a good day. I can't complain.

And, for once, I won't complain.

Every once and a while, it wouldn't kill me to appreciate my life.


Laurie said...

Yes, hooray for new Grey's Anatomy and hummus. Glad to hear your new coworker is more than tolerable.

Amy said...

and now today is Friday, which is reason enough to cheer!

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