Thursday, January 04, 2007

10 to grow by

I hear it’s 2007.
Let's talk resolutions.

1. Read 12 novels.
I’m embarrassed by how my reading has fallen off since I started working full time. I was an English major! This is completely doable.

2. Find a new job or go back to school. Or, ideally, find a new job AND go back to school.

3. Go to the gym with increased frequency.
If I made it to the gym 175 days this year, in addition to the exercise I get figure skating and playing soccer and hockey, I’d be doing very well.

4. Not make a weight-related resolution.
Because, honestly, as nice as it’d be to peel five or 10, I really don’t need to.

5. Knit more.
Completely finish four projects. This is reasonable.

6. Stop the incessant purchasing.
To this, I will need to curb the visits to H&M. And stop browsing online too-good-to-be-true sales while at work. And stop buying myself a new outfit every time I go out with Colin. And exercise a bit of self-restraint.

7. Visit with my grandparents more.
I only have two of them. They won’t be around forever. I am so fortunate to live so close to them and I need to take advantage of that.

8. Cut back on the coffee/hazelnut cappuccino mix that I feast on allfrickingdaylong at work. It’s as bad as sipping on a soda all day.
I’ll limit myself to one cup three days/week. The rest of the time, I can pass the hours drinking regular coffee, tea or water.

9. Become a sweet-ass juggler.
Any halfway decent soccer player can juggle the ball. Any halfway decent soccer player, that is, except for me. I never had a soccer coach who emphasized the importance of being able to juggle the ball and, as a result, I mostly suck at it. I would like to suck less at it. So I’m going to practice juggling the ball in 2007. And if I could do it 25 times without letting the ball hit the ground, I’d be pleased with myself.

10. Allow myself to trust Colin.
Because keeping my distance to protect my heart isn’t doing anything to grow us. And us, I think, is an entity I’d really like to mature in 2007.


Laurie said...

This is the most realistic set of resolutions I have read in the blogosphere. I especially like #10. With all your history, it is easy not to trust him. It is vital for your future relationship to work on this.

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