Saturday, December 09, 2006

A touch of luck

This year I've been having major anxiety about Christmas.

There's no reason for it. I never start my shopping until December. I always do all of my dad's shopping. And I always have no good ideas. It's just how it works.

Maybe it's because I'm getting older, because just accepting Christmas preparations for what they are for me (stressful) is making me want to cry. And that's before I get to the mall, get overwhelmed by the selections, convince myself that none of the 459 stores have even one product for whomever I'm shopping for, pout and drag my defeated self-worth back to my car.

Mostly, I shop for my mom. I buy Dad's gifts for her as well as the presents Meg and I buy for her. My mom is not easy to shop for. At all. And, because she's my mom and all anyone ever wants is for their mom to be proud of them, I want to buy my mom the perfect gift. Even though she wants the same thing every year: nothing.

I've been shopping three times this week looking for presents for Mom.

I went out on Wednesday after yoga class. Bought nothing.

I went out yesterday after meeting Lucy for coffee. Bought nothing.

But today, I went out after work and I shopped. Really shopped! And even bought things!

Okay. I didn't really buy any gifts of significance - mostly just stocking stuffers - but I'm hoping that this will get the ball rolling.

Mom doesn't scrapbook, but she's always tickled pink by good nursing memorabilia. I was at the craft store and I found these stickers, by Jolee's, in the scrapbooking section.

I got her both packages.

Chocolate + coffee = good for the stocking.

The more chocolate the better, no?

She's a junky for candy corn.

I bought mom this, in green, from Talbot's. I thought it could be fairly versatile, worn with jeans or with slacks. She's been liking green lately.

She's also been liking puzzles. She has a bum knee, so she hasn't been going out and about all that often. Puzzles keep her busy. And Lost is her favorite show!

I bought her a new purse (too lazy too look up the photo) because she only carries around her briefcase. Very strange, Meg and I agree, so we're trying to get her to try a purse like a normal person. We'll see.

I picked her up a pair of jeans and a few other stocking stuffers, too.

Speaking of purses...

This Dooney and Bourke was a fantastic deal. And look how cute it is. I don't normally like Dooney and Bourke, but this doesn't scream "I'm a teenager and I'm spoiled!" like a lot of their handbags seem to. I'm very tempted to keep this for myself, but I think I'll give it to my mom to wrap up for Meg. Or for me.

I'd totally act surprised.


Laurie said...

I'd call that a successful shopping trip.

I still have not started shopping. This is so unlike me.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you're doing great! And I've never seen jelly bellies shaped like candy corn, and for Christmas! I'm gonna have to try some. :)

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