Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sundays are perfect for babbling

On the whole BCS ordeal: whatever. I am so over it. I didn’t want Michigan to play for the National Championship, anyway. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It’s not like it’s the I said. I’m over it.

On sweet, sweet redemption: my hockey team played the team that kicked my ass on Tuesday. We won. I played well. Now I can sleep at night.

On the Chocolate-Coconut Bars I’m currently baking: if they don’t taste good, I’m going to be really pissed. And totally embarrassed to bring them into work tomorrow.

On the weather: brrrr!

On my three day weekend: kind of a disappointment, actually. I didn’t sleep in. I didn’t lounge around. I shopped and shopped and shopped and socialized and baked and ate. Not relaxing in the slightest. I need relaxing. I suppose I’ll just have to hold out for New Year’s Day.

On Christmas shopping for my mother: complete and utter torture. I’m not a good shopper in the best conditions and Mom is virtually impossible to shop for. What I really like is how I’m expected to buy Dad’s gifts to Mom, too.

On Colin’s birthday: it is December 11, a week from tomorrow. He’ll be 25. I bought him a watch. Is a watch too much? He doesn’t wear a watch. Why would I buy a watch for someone who doesn’t wear one? I might not give it to him.

On working tomorrow: don’t want to go. Am currently completely devoid of any motivation.

On when I should go to bed tonight: approximately an hour ago. But I was waiting on those Chocolate-Coconut Bars.

On the Chocolate-Coconut Bars that are now cooling on my counter: fucking heavenly. No need to be pissed. No need to be embarrassed. Significant need to be afraid that I’ll eat them all for breakfast.


M said...

I bought my non-watch owning boyfriend a watch ... he doesn't wear it. =(. but he did like it! is that naive of me to think?

Anonymous said...

December 11th? No wonder Colin is cool. My birthday is December 13th and Faith and I have been married for 40 years (of course that has more to do with her patience than my birthday).

Stay warm!

Unknown said...

Sorry about Michigan... but I have to admit I am sooo happy it's FL (you know that's where I go to school :))

Lady said...

I bought T a watch for the first birthday he had when we were together - he LOVED it, and wears it every day :) i'd say, good choice!

Mmm, cookies...

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