Friday, December 08, 2006

Sacrificing to the skating gods

I skated this morning, as I do every Friday, from 7:50-9:30 am. Some Friday morning sessions are rough. I work late on Thursdays and, after I watch Grey's and pack up all of my things (I almost always go to Mom and Dad's house after I skate), it's late and I'm exhausted and my alarm clock is screaming at me well before I'm ready for it to be.

Because I'm usually so tired, and because skating is such a fickle sport, I can skate exceptionally shitty on a Friday.

Some Fridays I can't spin.

Some Fridays my moves in the field are sluggish.

Some Fridays my jumps are lethargic.

And some Fridays I can't do any of it.

This is far from uncommon in skating. Some days are good. Some days are very, very bad.

Personally, I rarely have a bad jumping day. And I'm pleased with my moves 75% of the time. And my spinning usually sucks. It's not even that I spin poorly, it's that it does not come naturally to me. While I can learn and complete a new jump combination within 15 minutes, it can take five or six months for a new spin combination to begin looking halfway decent.

It's extremely frustrating. It is also a big part of what makes skating appeal to me. I like being so incredibly irritated that I am tempted to throw myself onto the ice, kicking my feet and throwing a loud tantrum.

Because I like that next skate, where whatever it was that I couldn't master comes effortlessly and flawlessly.

Secretly, I like the struggle.


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