Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maybe I'm a little spoiled

It doesn't seem excessive until you itemize it.

Now I feel a bit guilty.

One (1) Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker
Seven (7) pairs of UnderArmour performance socks
One (1) $10 gift card for Bath and Body Workds
One (1) tin of Jelly Belly jelly beans
One (1) snowman candy dish
One (1) bottle of Bath and Body Works aromatherapy hand soap, in jasmine vanilla, which is apparently the “sensuality” scent. Oookay.
One (1) Softlips wildberry lip balm
One (1) Christmas tree cookie cutter
Two (2) pairs of Adidas socks
Six (6) Kate Spade pencils
One (1) UnderArmour fleece
One (1) bottle of wine
One (1) pair of khakis
One (1) plain navy long sleeved t-shirt
One (1) box of Godiva chocolates
One (1) KitchenAid 10-piece set of pots and pans
One (1) lame Lillian Vernon Santa Clause candy dish
One (1) pink shirt with figure skates on it from the kids department at the Gap
One (1) thermal/sweater that I’m certain cost an arm and a leg
One (1) seatbelt purse
One (1) lame-ass inspirational/self-help book
Eight (8) refrigerator magnet clips
One (1) hand/foot spa kit
One (1) candle
Three (3) Papered Chef pairing knives
One (1) watch that I can’t decide if I like
One (1) green long sleeved shirt with super fun beading/bedazzling at the neckline
One (1) copy of Eloise in Hollywood
One (1) pack of Pez refills
Two (2) bottles of L’Oreal Lasting Curls gel
One (1) spatula
One (1) American Express gift card
One (1) Coach purse
One (1) Eucerin Intensive Repair hand cream, travel sized
One (1) adorable halter-style skating dress
One (1) pair of Gap Long and Lean corduroys
One (1) Footballers Wives DVD
One (1) digital photo viewer/key chain/waste of money (the gift I won in the family exchange which, ironically, was from Evan)
One (1) pair of boxer shorts with dogs skating on them (from Old Navy)
One (1) UM Pez dispenser


Amy said...

Oooh but you saved the best for last. Coach purse and all aside, the UM pez dispenser ROCKS!!! GO BLUE!

Laurie said...

What did you get from Colin? How does he like the Nano? You can't leave us hanging!

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